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I love the thought of having some skins based on various forms of mythology

I love the thought of having some skins based on various forms of mythology, or more with fantasy armor designs like the Flame-Armored horse, or Frozen Lyrudis. Buy Riders of Icarus Gold  Lots of glowing marks, too, maybe. I really like the animated glow on the mecha skins, but they feel a little odd in this game since they look so purely modern. Going with a fantasy-inspired technology skin, something in the style of the Argons from Tera would be more appealing to me, for lack of a better example. A mix of technology and biological elements that makes it seem like the robotic stuff was grown instead of built, if that makes sense. And they better actually be available from premium skin boxes or the Lucky Coin vendor, dangit. As far as I know, these new ones can’t be obtained by any other method than NX, which is kinda annoying and I really don’t want to see that become a trend. BUT I DIGRESS.

That’s an example of an Argon for anyone who doesn’t know what one looks like.
Any way you look at it though, there definitely need to be more dragon skins that can be obtained through normal means. The only ones for dragons(excluding drakes, since they are a separate thing) so far are Blood Karios from the Founder’s Pack, and now Mecha Karascha. Considering these skins have stats, that does start giving paying players an advantage. I don’t want to see a time when all the best, strongest skins are available only to paying players. Sorry if that got a bit off-topic, but I suppose what I’m trying to say is that having more cool skins to choose from would only make a difference to me if I have a way to get them without shelling out cash every couple months. Even if it’s difficult and takes a lot of time and effort to get them, that would still be good enough for me. My enthusiasm for the new skins with this update died pretty quick when I realized I’d have no way of obtaining them without money, let me tell you.

I want to say that I am alright with the way the game’s shop is.

What I don’t like is the fact that we got the patches with the content way too fast for us to be able to enjoy the game the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. But, I understand the fact that you want us to be at the same version as there koreans are. And I put my trust in you to hear the game’s community who wants to not get overflowed with content. No content means death, but too much content and not enough time to enjoy it means people getting frustrated and leaving. And I don’t want to see my favorite game dying just after its birth.
Buy Riders of Icarus Gold
I want to say that I am alright with the way the game’s shop is. People must understand that if a game to be able to live it needs money. Servers, everything. Money… and the game is by no means pay to win. Pay to win is when people can actually get stats, weapons and items that get them to a level the people that don’t pay are NOT ALLOWED to get to. And that’s not the case here. I’ve spent some bucks on the game, but that because I see the game deserving it. My girlfriend started 3 weeks ago, she didn’t spent any money and she is now at the same level as me, with AP than me. So that says something.

My wish and dream is….. the community to be healthier. It is too toxic at the moment, and it is a trend now to be that way here. Please understand that the people who actually appreciate your work towards the game are in-game enjoying the game, not wasting their tine arguing with people who love getting atenttion. You can’t argue with a troll that cries that nobody should play the game because it is not worth,  while they do and will keep doing it. They’re like the MCDONALD’S customers who say the burgers ain’t healthy, but they keep eating from there everyday.
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