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The players have to Blackdesert Gold sale

In BlackDesert, The first step during the character creation process is to choose classes.The players have to select a class they will go to play.We may write a huge article about classes, well this time let me make it simple: classes are gender and race locked and some maybe don’t have the distinction between male and female version.Class determines so many qualities such as the skills, attacks, weapon and armor.It’s such an important choice in Black Desert since gamers will not be able to change it later.


Just pay attention when choosing the classes,the class will determines all future gameplay, players’ role in a group and ever be changed.Developers decided to use such class system and not all players will like it.However,try to Blackdesert Gold sale select your class and go further.According to the official news from the Korean, Black Desert, the action MMO is now on the beta and there are about 500,000 characters been created and more than 1000,000 players are on the official site of this game only in one day.That makes the developer have to add the server for the great number of players.

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