As big fans of rs, do you always search for cheap rs gold?

As big fans of rs, do you always search for cheap rs gold? There is a perfect chance for you now. In order to show our gratitude for your constant support,  RSorder will offer up to 20% off gift codes on RSorder Facebook during our summer promo. It means that you are able to snap up rs 07 gold, rs 3 gold, rs 07  items and other products at lowest price. More details about this activity.
Runescape Gold
When can you get these gift codes?
RSorder Facebook will give one different discount code each day at 03:00 a.m. GMT from Aug. 22 to Aug. 30, 2016.
Rules on winning up to 20% gift code on RSorder Facebook:
1. Each code can only be used 10 times which means only the first 10 players can use it to purchase rs 3 gold or other products. First come, first served. So  please pay close attention to RSorder Facebook. If you are lucky enough to get one chance, just hurry up to use it.
2. Discount code offered each day is in different percentage but it all set up to 20%. If you miss today’s gift code, you could wait for tomorrow’s brand  new one. You can probably save more.

1. Each code’s valid time is 24 hours. You need to use the gift code within 24 hours after we posted it. Otherwise it will be no longer effective.
2. You can only use the code once every day. You cannot apply the gift code repeatedly. However, you surely can use several discount codes during the  activity period.
3. Products which have already been given special offer such as those included in 2016 Madness Sale or Time-limited Sale will not be included in this offer.

It’s time for a big summer blowout on RSorder. We’re proud to offer up to 20% off discount you won’t find on any other rs gold site. Why not catch the  chance to gain cheapest osrs gold and more? As always, have a jolly good day!

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