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We’ve already seen teasers of the Final Fantasy XIV

A lot of game studios and console makers have already revealed their wares at E3 2015 and, naturally, Square Enix won’t be left behind. It has unleashed a flood of new titles, both coming soon and those coming really, really soon. Some of them, we’ve already heard about and are already awaiting with baited breath. Others, are new to our perked ears and have satisfactorily piqued our curiosities. And still, some exist in the realm of possibility that may never see the light of day.

We’ve already seen teasers of the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward update and now Square Enix is putting date on it. Avid fans need only wait a week before this world changing next chapter starts trickling down to them. Dragon Quest Heroes, the “spin off” that puts some real-time action into the JRPG series, is also nothing new and has been already revealed to launch in October 13 for the PS4. FF11 Gil: Mankind Divided has already been announced, but at E3, Square Enix let a few more details out, revealing the action and the characters that will populate this cyberpunk sequel.

Square Enix also made new reveals at E3, starting with those that made their way into Sony’s conference. A brief preview of the next Hitman game was shown and a December 8 date was promised. And, of course, one cannot forget the Final Fantasy VII Remake that has earned the largest applause, though the lack of a launch date is a bit disheartening. Yesterday, the company revealed Kingdom Hearts 3, after mischievously deceiving and disappointing fans with a mobile game. Coming to the PS4 and the Xbox One, this game will take Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy across the land of Tangled. No date has been revealed either. A rather strange Final Fantasy game sneaked into the roster. Titled simply World of Final Fantasy, this paints a toy-like visual over the usual JRPG tropes. If you’re up for seeing familiar Final Fantasy characters like Cloud and monsters in cute forms, then better wait for 2016 when this game lands on the PS4 and the PS Vita.


The game maker also made a rather surprising announcement. There will be a sequel to 2010’s NieR and it’s called NieR New Project, at least temporarily. This game, phe art of the Drakengard series, garnered mixed reception, praised for its characters, story, and soundtrack but somewhat derided for the confusing mishmash of genres. The New Project will flaunt the name of many luminaries in the Japanese gaming industry, including producer Yosuke Saito from Dragon Quest X, director YOKO TARO from the original NieR, character designer Akihiko Yoshida of FFXIV Gil and Bravely Default fame, game designer Takahisa Taura of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and composer Keiichi Okabe who worked on Tekken as well as the previous NieR. No release date yet has been given.

Mobile has also become one of Square Enix’s latest darlings, and E3 2015 is filled with them, starting with Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Key. At first disappointingly mistaken for Kingdom Hearts 3, this mobile adaptation of the title brings some of the familiar elements of the franchise to iOS and Android, but with a twist. Players get to create their own keyblade hero, or heroine, and discover parts of the Kingdom Hearts universe. There’s also a tie-in with the fuller console version. Square Enix seems to be intent on bringing Lara Croft to mobile. Aside from a port of the original Tomb Raider and a Temple Run adaptation, it has also revealed another game. Taking a cue from Htiman GO, Lara Craft GO swaps the action for a turn-based puzzle set in a distinctly stylized world. Both mobile games’ dates have yet to be announced, though both will land on iOS and Android.

World of Warcraft players will have to jump through

Since the release of the fifth expansion to World of Warcraft, players have wondered when they will be able to fly again. The new expansion, much like the one before it, restricted players to ground mounts when it launched. However, a recent interview with the lead designer led players to believe there would be no flying in any new World of Warcraft zones or future expansions. Just weeks ago, Ion Hazzikostas, the current lead designer of cheap wow items, told Polygon that flying would not be coming to the expansion and it would possibly be absent in future expansions. Even the Inquisitr chimed in on the lack of flying, noting the discord its removal was creating within the game’s players.

Today, that same lead designer posted to the official World of Warcraft website with the announcement that flying is returning to the game. The Dev Watercooler post addresses the fact that many players want to take to the skies after having discovered what there is to see on the ground so players will have the option to earn the ability to fly in Warlords of Draenor.


In a post-6.2 patch, players with a number of achievements unlocked will earn the ability to fly in the expansion. Players can start working on the new achievements when 6.2 launches, but flying will be unlocked with the achievement in a follow-up patch. Earning these achievements and ultimately the ability to fly in Draenor will unlock the ability to fly for all characters on an account when the patch goes live.

However, World of Warcraft players will have to jump through a few hoops to get their mounts off the ground. Unlike Mists of Pandaria where players could shell out thousands of gold on each character that needed to fly in the expansion zones, players won’t have to pay a sum in gold to fly. They will have to master their environment and the current expansion, though. The meta-achievement “Draenor Pathfinder” will unlock flight in Draenor. It requires a number of other achievements to unlock including all of the exploring related achievements for the expansion, “Grand Treasure Hunter,” “Loremaster of Draenor,” and “Securing Draenor.”

Not to mention, players will have to earn revered reputation with three of the new Tanaan Jungle factions. Wow head already has a nice list of links set up for players looking to start working on the achievements now. In addition to being able to fly, the meta-achievement also rewards a Soaring Skyterror mount. When the World of Warcraft 6.2 patch launches, a player that earns the “Draenor Pathfinder” achievement will be rewarded immediately with the new mount. Players should note that flying will not be unlocked with the achievement until a post 6.2 minor patch.

FIFA 15’s dribbling game is stronger than last year

FIFA 15 is probably EA’s most convincing and varied effort, then, but it still struggles in some key areas. It might look like football, but it rarely flows like football. Matches – especially online – are almost always played on the counterattack, with quick reverse passes to the strikers far too easy to pull off. Matches, then, take place in constant transition, far more like basketball than the gradual shifts in momentum that ‘real’ football typically enjoys. This is less of an issue when playing against the AI, but this raises its own problems. Computer controlled players seem hell bent on proving that FIFA 15’s dribbling game is stronger than last year’s, and consistently attempt ridiculous runs that more often than not result in them getting tackled.

Changes to gameplay you ask! How have the mechanics been improved? Well there is one fundamental change that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Historically in all football games once a ball is controlled or even touched by a receiving player then the spin on the ball is reset to zero automatically. In FIFA 15, the spin of the ball does not automatically reset to zero now once a touch/contact has been made. The AI calculates the intensity of the touch and determines how much of an effect this would have on the spin as well as the movement of the ball. From a gameplay perspective though, what’s new? Well, for starters you can now skip those annoying waits in play while your player faffs around trying to get the ball from out of row Z. However, they’ve replaced some of those agonising moments with various unskippable cinematics at times – obviously masking some loading times – which are just as annoying.


The build we played was said to be 50-60% complete so there’s a lot of room for this to change obviously. I would say I was pleased but not blown away. Team mate control lets you switch to controlling the receiver from corners, throw ins and free kicks, using the right stick to flick through your players, much like you can in normal play. Once you’ve selected your player, hit pass and they’ll receive the ball. From throw ins it works brilliantly, 100% of the time, because the passes are much shorter, but from corners it’s not bullet proof, which is a good thing. If you bring your receiver closer to the corner taker you’ll stand much more of a chance of winning the ball making it great for short front post runs but not much more I found. As soon as you take the player further into the box to contend with more defenders, the chance of them receiving the ball is greatly reduced, as it should be.

Penetrating that defensive barrier can be quite a challenge at times, not least because opponents seem more ready than ever to put their bodies on the line. Blocked shots are a common occurrence, and even nippy forwards and wingers like Sturridge, Robben and Navas will struggle to accelerate clear of the last man, as lumbering defenders suddenly find a superhuman burst of speed to catch up with players they shouldn’t be able to get near. I get some joy by running into the channels and cutting inside, or back onto your other foot, particularly with flair players: long, mazy dribbles are now easier than ever, and players with low centres of gravity will skip over the outstretched boots of their markers, retaining the ball even as their shirts are being tugged.

I actually play possession football and have minded work rates on teams I use as well as players I bought on FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. My issue with the runs the computer makes lies in their awareness. At the same time I really don’t think the game’s all that realistic. Scoring goals from curled shots outside the box shouldn’t be a go to move but it is in this game. How many long shots do you actually see go in during real matches? They’re very low percentage shots. There’s also a load of great animations too, like flicks, bursts of flair, back heels and what not, which are all fantastic, but at the same time, some players look like they’re running with a stick up their arse – some of the sprint animations are so unnatural it’s almost ridiculous, but I guess that’s the problem with creating a realistic looking game. Good old uncanny valley!

Final Fantasy has evolved from medieval knights to soldiers

As I’m sure was the case for most people, I was preoccupied with the very fact that I could really, actually, genuinely play a very real portion of Final Fantasy XV, which happens to be a very real game. The Duscaean region felt like a breath of fresh air, almost like I wasn’t in a Final Fantasy game but on an exploration trip into the wilderness with my buddies. This is a fantasy based on reality, the game’s trailer boasts, and indeed it is. With the boys cooking out and setting up tents with their Coleman-branded camping gear, and the Behemoth quest being pinned up as if it were a bounty to be claimed by poachers and hunters, there were times where Episode Duscae hardly felt like a fantasy game at all – let alone a Final Fantasy game. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only time I got any sense of fantastical wonderment was when Noctis’ HP fell below zero and I had Ramuh conjure a huge bolt of lightning from the sky to decimate the fearsome Behemoth.


Oh, and when Noctis starts summoning his swords out of thin air and begins warping around the place. That was pretty fantastical too. I mentioned in my review of Final Fantasy Type-0 that the game had a desire to change the tone of the series into something more serious and mature. With cheap FF14 Gil, or at least what we’ve played in the demo, the game wants to push the series into the real world and add a little spice to the mundane regularities of modern life we’ve become so familiar with. And I think Square Enix might be onto something here. Think Earthbound but on a much grander scale. In Earthbound, Ness wielded baseball bats and fought snakes and rats. Part of the charm of that game was how overwhelmingly regular it was. With Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix goes a step further than Earthbound and integrates classic series elements – goblins, the Behemoth – into the real world, effectively bringing together the realms of fantasy and reality.

The gas station in Episode Duscae and the mechanic Cindy give off a slight redneck vibe, the sentiment reiterated by the inconsequentially regular tow truck parked right outside. Wiz’s Chocobo Post feels like a wildlife reserve. The environment in Episode Duscae is framed by its long roads that have cars driving by – possibly fellow travelers on their way to some far-off destination. You don’t level up immediately after slaying a certain number of enemies; you must set up camp, consolidate your kills, and reap your experience points from there. You don’t gain status buffs by casting Cheer on your party; instead, your ‘boosts’ are dependent on the quality of the food you had for dinner the previous night.

And then there’s the wildlife of the Duscaean region – notice that I refer to them as wildlife rather than monsters, because that’s exactly what they are in Final Fantasy XV. Tracking down the Behemoth by lurking around its known feeding sites and hunting grounds made my JRPG anime boy party feel more like a pack of poachers than anything else. Deadeye the Behemoth was a known animal resident in Duscae and it was my job in the demo to chop its horn off and sell it for a hefty amount of gil. Even the regular enemies you face in the demo, aside from the magitek soldiers, feel like coyotes local to Duscae. Harvesting parts from animals is not a new concept to RPGs but the way it’s been done in FFXV seems to hit a lot closer to home. I can obtain meat from the docile Garula, and if I happen to have some mushrooms on me, Ignis can cook up a hearty serving of steak to grant me the Prime and Sharp status buffs.

From what little I’ve played in Episode Duscae, FF11 Gil seems all set to push this series into a brave new direction in terms of its setting. Final Fantasy has evolved from medieval knights to soldiers in a sci-fi steampunk setting, and now evolution has taken place once again as Square Enix has us integrate the series’ best fantasy elements into the real world. I like where it’s headed, and this latest entry could very well breathe some much-needed new life into a series that has recently fallen on some hard times.

Obviously, the demo is far from perfect. Final Fantasy XV still has quite a ways to go before it’s ready to be shipped. Aside from the choppy framerate on the PS4, some of the game’s mechanics still need to be tweaked a little more. Locking on to a target is achieved by holding down R1 but the camera seemed too wobbly to keep up with the high-paced, high-intensity action that the game delivers. Whether or not Final Fantasy XV ends up becoming the magical game that pushes the series back into its lost limelight – the Final Fantasy VII of this generation, if you will – remains to be seen. But for now, it seems like Square Enix has in its grasp something with the potential to be great.

World of Warcraft players in need of in game gold

Because Blizzard produces the most popular MMORPG in the world, they’re no stranger to dealing with the repercussions of gold farming. With the release of Diablo 3 they attempted to make a profit off of those who preferred to buy their gear with real-world money with their auction house system, which was discontinued in 2014. The trouble with the auction house was that it completely undid the purpose of the game—if players could defeat the lord of all evil by purchasing weapons and armor with real money, what was the point of playing the game?

In wow-gold eu, Blizzard is taking a different approach. Starting April 7, they’ll introduce tokens that can be purchased for real money. World of Warcraft players in need of in-game gold can now purchase tokens for real-world money and sell them on the auction house for a guaranteed price. Other players can exchange their in-game gold for 30 days of game time, offering a legitimate, Blizzard-sanctioned method of fighting gold farmers with a benefit for players and the company alike. The idea is borrowed from EVE Online and WildStar, both of which allow players to purchase game time with an in-game currency.


Blizzard has obviously put a lot of care and consideration into this plan to eliminate gold farming. Banning and responding to hacks as they appear is only a temporary solution, but allowing players to trade real-world money for gold in a way that benefits the company is a solid alternative to the often shady business of buying gold. For players who want the gold but don’t want to support gold farmers, this is the perfect alternative. It’s also a great way to get players who might have lapsed subscriptions, but lots of gold, to pick up the game again.

Prices will be fixed, meaning players won’t be able to undercut one another on the auction house. The amount you list it for, which is controlled by Blizzard, will be the amount you receive after a transaction, with no cut taken by the auction house. That doesn’t mean the plan is foolproof. Gold farmers work for cheap, meaning gold will likely still be available from farmers for obscenely cheap prices. Four thousand gold costs around five dollars depending on which server a player is on, meaning that if Blizzard wants to eliminate gold farming entirely they’ll have to price the tokens competitively. And if the tokens are priced too competitively—for the price of an equivalent amount of gold, for instance—they’ll be in danger of losing monthly subscriptions to the cheaper tokens.

It may not be a perfect solution to the problem, but the fact that Blizzard is now offering an incentive to purchase gold legitimately is a step in the right direction. Only time will tell whether it will solve the rampant hacking and inflation problems World of warcraft players experience, but it’s unlikely to make the situation worse, and it’s hoped that the token system will not only revitalize the game’s economy but also bring in new players who might have turned away due to the monthly subscription.

FIFA fans have long known that each new iteration

FIFA 15 Account could have got a straight red card in the first minute for the video game equivalent of a professional foul – or professional foul-up at least. EA Sports’ latest release in its long-running football sim series came close to being dismissal just after kick-off for failing to work properly. Due to slow-moving menus and terrible lag during matches, it was unplayable on my PS4. Many other PlayStation gamers have had the same problem going by the anger vented on Twitter. EA’s bestselling FIFA series is back again. With a reputation for solid gameplay, reliable mechanics and cutting-edge graphics, the FIFA 15 account franchise has solidified its position as market leader over the past few years.

While the fans in the stands looked jagged in earlier versions, the fans now look as good as the players, wearing the right jerseys as they wave and gesture. The look of the players’ jerseys is very realistic. If it is raining, the wet jerseys cling to the players’ body. If a defender is tugging at an attacking player’s jersey to hold him back, you can see that clearly. For English Premier League fans, all 20 stadia are authentically replicated. So when your team visits Burnley, you no longer play in some random stadium, but in its home stadium, Turf Moor. Having developed a formula that straddles the line perfectly between simulated reality and fast-paced gaming, FIFA fans have long known that each new iteration of the game will present only incremental changes, and that’s just the way they like it!


Despite it’s near-perfect game-play, buy FIFA 16 coins online has tweaked goal-keeper animations, making goal-scoring tougher, with players having to be very deliberate about the angles they take on goal. Close ball-control is also tougher, punctuated when a top-tier club takes on a smaller club- the ‘touch’ and passing has been more reliably calibrated. Also, strategy is tied closer to formations. Much of FIFA 15 aims to recreate the real-life football experience, but Match Day Live brings players closer to real-world football than any other game mode. This hub keeps gamers up to date with news, rumors, and headlines ripped from Players can simulate the latest games on the schedule, and watch the storylines play out. A friendly interface makes Match Day Live easier to follow, and the new presentation style brings headlines to life.

Super Sunday football game time should blare across the screen as the players are led out onto the glistening pitch. As always with EA Sports, the production levels are impeccable; the surprisingly accurate official stadia gleam in the sunshine as the match is played. Top players are not as dead-eyed as they once were, though no amount of pixels can accurately convey the ugliness of Wayne Rooney. No amount of words, either, can sum up the horror of some of the stock character builds for players who do not play on the world stage; at least, no amount of words from Alan Smith and Martin Tyler, who have once again reduced the English language to vague clichés and painful ‘spontaneous’ discussions about the teams. Change it to French instead; you’ll still have no idea what they’re talking about, but it’ll sound sexier.

Sadly, FIFA 15 is a poor football game. Although there are some minor positives throughout the game, they are weighed down heavily with all of its problems. From the arcadey, over-paced gameplay, to the stale graphics, new strange glitches, league omissions and lack of new game modes, FIFA 15 is simply not worth its price tag. The only saving grace for the games value is the nature of the title. Sporting titles tend to be easy to pick up and play and can have really good replay value. What we have been offered in FIFA 15 does not constitute spending another £60. Enter cheap FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins, FIFA’s most popular game mode, and its most challenging to comprehend. Ultimate Team is a game mode in which players build teams with professionals that take the shape of trading cards. In an attempt to build the strongest chemistry in a squad, players attempt to match nationalities, leagues, and teams. This in turn makes for a stronger bond between teammates and a stronger team overall. Its a tad bit overwhelming at first, but once you understand the core mechanics and grab a few decent players of the live transfer market it might be the most fulfilling and exciting game mode FIFA 15 has to offer.

FFXIV players level up their Armorer in an efficient is pleased to announce the publication of a new Final Fantasy XIV Armorer leveling guide. In Final Fantasy XIV Gil, players are able to level up crafts which are capable of producing useful items and equipment. However, in order to produce the best equipment, players must first put in the time to hone their crafting skills. The new guide created and published by is aimed at helping FFXIV players level up their Armorer in an efficient yet painless manner.


The new guide gives players multiple options for leveling up the Armorer class. One option presented provides players with a list of recommended crafting recipes to synthesize for experience points. According to the guide’s creator, Cody Collins, this process is known as grinding. The new guide notes that this approach can lead to a very fast leveling process, but warns that it is also very costly. Collins states that the guide alternatively provides players with more economical (albeit less efficient) strategies for leveling. The economical method requires very little gil (the in-game currency) but is taxing on players’ leve (quest) allowances. Players are only allowed to undertake a limited number of quests each day, so the economical method may max out player’s quest allowance.

For optimal results, Collins recommends combining the two approaches. The new guide recommends that players first use their leve (quest) allowances in order to level up as much as possible without spending gil. If players want to keep leveling up after using all of their leve allowances, the guide recommends then switching over to the grinding option. If players do not want to spend any time grinding, they are free to wait until their quest allowance resets at which point they can resume following the new guide where they previously left off.

According to the new guide, Armorer is one of the most difficult professions to level in ffxiv gil but also has among the highest rewards; players who take Armorer to the maximum level will have access to a large number of crafting recipes with which they can use to make gil. is a PC game strategy guide site with a focus on all things Final Fantasy XIV and Starcraft 2. OsirisMethod is home to The Osiris Gil Guide, a strategy guide dedicated to helping FFXIV players earn gil in the most efficient manner possible.

include a new feature called the WoW Token

While Blizzard Entertainment continued its publication of hot fixes for Patch 6.1, they have also advised gamers that Patch 6.2 would now be made available at Public Testing Realms (PTR). Also, a new video containing some information on what’s to come in “buy cheap wow gold: Warlords of Draenor” was uploaded on the game’s YouTube channel.

Last week, Blizzard went on a publishing spree giving details to gamers about hotfixes on several legacies and skills. Among the hotfixes included were that for the “Dark of Pandaria” scenario, where in creatures that were incorrectly scaled to 100 would now be corrected; and that of the “Demonology Warlock metamorphosis,” as well.


However, Blizzard Entertainment seemed to be on a roll as the upcoming “World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor” Patch 6.2 could now be tested by participating gamers through the Public Testing Realms. In the recent log, the developers explained that the PTR would allow gamers to test patches before they would be released on live realms. Add to that, participating gamers were encouraged to go to the forum and provide their inputs on the upcoming patch.

The Patch 6.2 would include a new feature called the WoW Token, which would make the exchange of gold and game time between gamers a lot easier and secure. However, the developers cleared out the details on the PTR would not be conclusive as they would still be working on finalizing the upcoming patch. The PTR would be a very exciting and interesting experience for gamers, especially those who wonder what would be next for the popular MMORPG.

Speaking of what’s next to come, a video on the “Wow Gold For Sale” YouTube channel feature a cinematic from “World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.” The video titled “Patch 6.1 – The Legendary Quest Continues” was described as “Khadgar’s legendary quest to track down and stop Gul’dan continues.” Gamers should check out the video, which would lead to a link that would give gamers more details about patch 6.1. For the time being, players could also check out the PTR for the upcoming patch 6.2.

FIFA 15 you are greeted with the usual

As sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, September brings the latest version of Electronic Art’s mega selling football simulation game Fifa Coins for Sale. This time it is FIFA 15, which EA have promised to be the most realistic yet, a promise made in all previous years of course. This is the second FIFA title to be released on the Playstation 4 and with a full year to get to grips with the new power afforded by the new console, I am hoping for a leap forward over last year’s edition. When you first load up FIFA 15 you are greeted with the usual EA Sports logos and the very slick menu screens which are now synonymous with the various EA sports titles.


FIFA fans are always connected to their favorite clubs and leagues, and Goal is the perfect source to integrate all the right news and stats into Match Day Live to fuel that connection,” said David Rutter, the GM of EA Sports FIFA. “Goal’s massive global network of content creators made the decision easy when looking for a provider that could bring all the latest news to FIFA 15 fans spanning the world.” Ben Warn, the Managing Director of the Consumer division at Goal’s parent company PERFORM, added: “This collaboration brings together two of the world’s leading football brands, offering fans a unique, real-time news service within their gaming experience. “Goal’s global reach and the strength of our editorial team – covering every corner of the world – means that we are perfectly positioned to be the premier provider of the feeds that EA Sports requires to power this new and exciting feature within FIFA 15.” FIFA 15 with Match Day Live is released worldwide in September on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The commentary is as strong as ever. The main team of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith spit out musings that are so accurate it is scary. Too many times do we see games push the boundaries of commentating, becoming overly specific at the cost of accurately depicting what is actually happening on screen. That takes a player out of the experience, and reminds them it’s just a video game. This is something that is rarely done here. FIFA has always been a leader in this department, and fut coins is no different. When I was playing with Chelsea or another Barclays Premier League team, nearly every player was called by name. Obviously, when I was playing with my local Toronto FC, this level detail was omitted, but this is understandable considering the scope of how many teams are included. Supporting the stellar voice work is an equally impressive soundtrack. The music choice is varied, and feels as if it was curated with the world-wide nature of the sport considered. Discovering unknown tracks is always a pleasant surprise, and expect to do so a lot while playing.

The idea that you’ll need to readjust your playing style permeates deeper too. FIFA 15’s goalkeepers are not only animated with a wider range of movements and reactions, they’re also more difficult to beat. They seem smarter too, so they don’t rush out quite as readily to meet a striker who is preparing a cheeky lob. At the lower difficulty settings, the improved intelligence of AI opponents isn’t a problem – you can still take on entire teams with your silky skills. As you ramp up the difficulty, though, the whole AI seems to become genuinely more intelligent about the way they approach the game. You’ll need to be patient, build up movements and try to pull a team out of shape before finding space to mount an attack.

Final Fantasy XV contours are taking more

L’affaire Final Fantasy XV contours are taking more and more incredible. Before posing as vaporware, the then Final Fantasy Versus XIII has turned to magic in Final Fantasy XV, moving from the old to the new generation of consoles and entering a new and frustrating phase of gestation that has reached the halfway point when Square Enix He has dismissed the previous director, Tetsuya Nomura, and has replaced it with the deputy director Hajime Tabata.


Tabata is not stupid nor the puppet that many feared: in a few months has taken the situation in hand, he turned Final Fantasy XIV Gil like a glove and established with his fans in an open dialogue based on livestream, social networks and surveys. Such a thing, in the territory Square Enix, has seen only with the highly successful reboot of Final Fantasy XIV by Naoki Yoshida. In recent days there has been much talk of the recent and huge changes that the team has made anchor mysterious final version of the game: Tabata has announced that it has completely removed Stella – the love interest and at the same time rival of the protagonist Noctis – the script and rewriting history so that the invasion of Lucis, views and stravista in various trailers, occurs while the prince and his friends are out of town.

Two gigantic changes that have raised a fuss, but in the big plans Tabata could represent another bold decision as necessary. The second demo of FFXIV Gil, moreover, shows that the director is really listening to its fans. That of Final Fantasy XV is a gentle revolution that can not and must not underestimate any aspect. At stake is not only the name of the historic franchise, but also that of the Japanese software with this iteration much-awaited and polemizzata you’re playing literally face.

At the end of Episode Duscae, after dealing with the dangers of a cave in darkness and chock full of goblins, Noctis learns to evoke Ramuh, the famous god of lightning. The ability is essential to defeat the behemoth in the second clash, triggering a sequence not really interactive “spaccamascella” that Tabata wanted to implement their own to remind fans that, hey, this is still Final Fantasy, Square Enix and not if ‘it forgot although now looks more like a third-person action adventure that to an old school.